i examined my own heart and there you were. never, i fear, to be to removed.

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Helena + storytelling
↳ 2x06 // 2x10

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"Whenever Alicia is offered power, she reverts to housekeeping mode. She likes power, but is embarrassed that she likes power." - The Kings

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Welcome Home
Radical Face & Ghost
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You know those songs where you just kind of get down and gritty with it? Like you imagine yourself running through a forest, walking in the rain, or like just doing something really hard endurance wise or emotionally? Yeah, well, this is a perfect song for those moments. So come on. Let us get dirty and sleep peacefully tonight for a job well done. 

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One of the things that I love about this confession is how different it is from Jim’s speech in “Casino Night”. In The Office, Pam is engaged and has been engaged since BEFORE the Pilot. Jim has never met a non-engaged Pam but he still harbors romatic feelings for her. Not problematic so far, but Jim’s confession to Pam was one that expected an answer, a very specific answer. He wants Pam to tell him that she loves him too.

But at this time, Pam is not a character who makes huge, life-changing decisions in the spur of the moment. She needs time to think and process and talk to her mom and she tries to tell Jim how important their friendship is to her and he cuts her off and tells her to stop. Jim doesn’t want to hear anything other than the idealized script he has in his head. He becomes curt and a bit rude and leaves disappointed and mad just because Pam is trying to deal with this shocking news he’s dropped on her and doesn’t immediately run into his arms.

Jake, on the other hand, offers up his feelings to Amy without strings. He understands she is with someone else. He doesn’t expect anything and he acknowledges that he missed his chance and should have acted sooner. He doesn’t expect a response from her, just needed to tell her what he wished could have happened (using the past tense). He makes no demands on her future and the decision is left up to her. It felt more considerate of Amy’s situation (just starting a serious relationship) and made me love Jake’s character just a little bit more.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Ben Wyatt

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Arrival of the Birds
Cinematic Orchestra & The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos (Soundtrack)
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The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds

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'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” - John Keats

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Guillaume Côté -The National Ballet of Canada

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NMTD Crack vid

it just keeps getting better and better

OMG. Rarely has a thing of such beauty been created in this world.

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