will-you-wont-you answered: it might be a living room. Her parents have to know why she came home (i.e the tape) know she make videos & now shes not confined to her room

Ooo, interesting. I didn’t think it was her home at first (because why would she film around her parents), but I didn’t think of the possibility of them finding out through this. 

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    I think that they might find out, but not entirely care? They have much bigger things to worry about, and it isnt like...
  2. lies said: Ah. I’m liking these comments.
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  4. itscalledetiquettedarling said: Could also be that Lizzie’s dad is too busy trying to figure out how to fix the situation and Lizzie’s mum is retired in her bedroom due to her ‘poor nerves’?
  5. marinatheflyingdutchy said: It might also be that her father is out looking for Lydia and her mother is in her own room, like in the book, and Lizzie has the living to herself.
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